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Saturday 14 April 2012

Getting optware Looqs Meebox (easy method)

Ok a lot of people have tried to follow my recent notes on how to get optware working on the Looqs Meebox with a varying amount of success..  OK you need to have Linux/Unix skills.. Anyway to make things easier I've created a script which when copied onto the Meebox, and made executable, will do the biz..
1. Download this script
2. Upload it to your meebox
3. make it executable by issuing the following command
meebox> chmod +x

A list of apps can be found at and to install an app

meebox> export PATH=/opt/bin:$PATH
meebox> ipkg update 
meebox> ipkg install



  1. Dead link could you update or send it to me. Please and thank you.

  2. Pls put the script somewhere I can download and I will make it available for people to come after me.
    Thx in advance