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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Android 2.2.2 for the Joggler


Oh well the android hacking on the joggler continues.. I’ve documented, and the community has tested, the latest version of the Joggler Android build (2.2.2-Mijuu 1.2.3)

Give it a go, personally I think Android is the best OS for the joggler if u want a finger controlled device.. If your after a little mini-desktop, and ok to add a mouse+keyboard then Ubuntu rocks.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Gadgets Gadgets–O2 Joggler Android and alternative OS’s


All, as you know I love the chase, especially when it comes to hacking,modding gadgets..

Last year I bought a couple of o2 joggers, ok these things run Ubuntu natively with a custom flash UI, but the software they provide is basic to say the least.. As the device is a Intel Atom based device with a EFI BIOS its quite straightforward to replace the OS and boot from a memory stick…

So time to replace it.. So far I’ve found three alterntives

1. Leave the Stock OS, simply Pimp it, using Plug-n-Pimp (forum link)

2. Install Ubuntu 10.x or 11.x, (forum link)

3. Install Joli OS (forum link)

4. Install Android (forum link)


Now , I have two jogglers, one is running the stock OS downstairs, works a treat but its mainly a “Clock” with weather features Smile

The one in the office is my testbed joggler.. So far my views are


Way more powerful and flexible than all the other OS’s however unless you put a mouse & keyboard it is really hard to use.. Also I’ve heard to run it properly you need to install the OS onto a harddrive.. bit much for little 7” toy.

Joli OS

Not really my cuppa tea

Android 2.2

Now there we’re talking.. touch os, runs lightning fast on the device Smile However it does have its niggles. Lots of programs wont work, mainly because they use the NDK (Arm not x86) and some also go into portrait mode.. not so good.. But theres lots that work really really well , like skynews, pulse, googlemaps etc ..


So for now Android is my OS of choice.. however Meego is also being ported and looks really good, a touchOS with Linux compatibility!


Here’s some screenshots (sorry for the dodgy colors my screen capture program .. is weird.. ) I’ll update them when I find a screen capture program which works on Android x86